Yearly maintenance fees are assessed each spring, and cover operating expenses for the summer. Fees are due in the spring and must be paid before using the facilities. The current fees are $545 per membership, which includes facility access for all residing household members. Guests are welcome for a $6.00 per person guest fee, and must be accompanied by the member for the entire visit.

Swimming and tennis lessons are available to both members and non-members for an additional fee.

Because all 110 memberships are currently owned, a transfer of a club membership is a transaction between the registered owner and a prospective buyer. To facilitate the transfer of club memberships, the Board maintains a list of those who have expressed interest in buying or selling, however it is up to the interested parties to negotiate the price of a membership.

In addition to the selling price, a transfer fee of $500.00 is required and payable directly to the club. These fees are put into a special account for capital expenses.

The membership clerk will ensure that the dues are current and provide a bill of sale, as well as collect the transfer fee.

If you are selling your membership, you are still required to pay maintenance fees, whether you use the facilities or not. Past due fees can be collected at the time of the sale.

For members who would like to transfer their membership to one of their grown children, you may do a one-time "gift" of your membership, which waives the $500 transfer fee, and allows you to still come to the pool for free as a guest on that child's membership.

Please contact the current membership board member for further information.

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