2010 Member Meeting

Hi! We thought you might be interested in some of the highlights from our recent Members Meeting!

For those who attended, thank you it always helps to get the input from all of the members.

  • Kristi Gubler (treasurer) reported that we lost money on operations of the club for the past 3 years and that is why we had to raise fees this year. She reported that so far in 2010 we are making money and progress is being made to pay back money taken from the Capital Account (the capital account is doing very well and is there to make any major repairs and for reserves) that was borrowed in years past. That being said, the club is NOT in financial distress. It just would be foolish to continue down that road of costs being higher than moneys paid. We plan to change that before it does become a big problem.
  • Danny Davis (President) made it clear that his goal was to turn the club back into a self sustaining business by finding where the problems are and fixing them. There have been many ways in which small changes have helped to turn the financial course of years past around. Money was being lost on tennis and swimming, so prices for non members were raised. Classes are still being filled to full capacity, so success is expected there. Our "Member Maintenance" day replaced the high cost of professionals. The weekly lawn care is being done at a much cheaper cost by kids of members instead of the more expensive professionals that used to do it. Candy and coke prices were raised slightly. We are holding members and guests more accountable for paying that guest fee instead of sliding by. Chris Jones, our Club Manager is also doubling as a lifeguard sometimes to lower life guard pay roll. All efforts are being made to burden the members at the very least. So, please join us in our efforts of running a more cost efficient club!
  • We do see a need for more seating at the club, to better accommodate busier days at the pool. We are purchasing 4 new tables and umbrellas, chairs, and small side tables. We will also be purchasing a new motor for the pool cover.
  • Members decided on a "Members Only" day that will start on Tuesday, July 13th and remain in effect every Tuesday after! Those on summer passes are welcome also. Any other guest pass (free or paid) will not be honored on this day.
  • Thanks to all members for their cooperation with providing current information for our records and membership purposes! There are still memberships for sale, so encourage your friends to come join the fun!
  • There will be signs posted reminding caretakers to watch their children closely and respect the pool rules, so all can be safe at the pool. Also, it was suggested to remind members that lifeguards, though young, are there to enforce the rules we (as members), put into place. Also, there will be a new policy regarding swimming lessons, taking place. From now on the pool will be cleared of all persons on the premises and those desiring to stay and swim will have to re enter and go through proper check in procedures. This is to avoid non members from sneaking in and account for all members and visitors for safety purposes as well. Please don’t “save” a table and not leave room for those arriving after swim lessons.
  • The club still offers many social activities and had great success with Root beer Night! Keep an eye on the bulletin board for next events.
  • It is our goal to provide a safe, fun, financially sound, club and always welcome any ideas or suggestions on how to together reach that goal. Thanks for your support!

We have also establish a more clear and concise policy for checking in members at the front desk. Please see below:

Check In Instructions

  1. Scan member’s card
  2. If their picture does not show up, ask the member if you can take their picture using the camera on the computer
  3. Only patrons with a membership card, or their guests, are allowed to enter the pool
  4. Summer Pass holders will not be allowed to have guests. Check the computer to see if they are a summer pass holder or not. If they are a summer pass holder, the computer will alert you that they cannot have guests. Kindly tell the member about the restriction. (there are absolutely no exceptions to this rule) They may call the manager if they have any questions about the rule
  5. Guests MUST have a waiver signed and pay $4.00 or use a guest pass to enter the pool with a member
  6. After the guest has signed a waiver, put it in the wavier folder under the membership holder’s last name. Then put the guest in the computer under the member’s name. Use the guest’s first and last name.
  7. Guests are not allowed to enter the pool without a member of the club, who is not a Summer Pass holder

Thank you,
North Canyon Swim and Tennis Club Board

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