North Canyon Swim and Tennis Board Meeting

  • Introductions
  • Decision agreed on to limit guest passes for board members to 10/year.
  • Lindsay Hess elected as Vice President.
  • Bethany Bryant to manage social media. Create a Facebook page and link it to instagram. Work with Gabe to put the links on the website.
  • Brittany Cales to be Newsletter Editor. One/month.
  • Rachel Terry & Lindsay Hess to be over activities (possible basketball games/tournaments, swim races, etc). Marla Keller to help as needed.
  • Move toward renting the tennis courts out for pickle ball tournaments/play. Brad will start working with Patty on cost to get the lines painted.
  • $50,000 in the reserve account.
  • Water heater and boiler were replaced in 2015.
  • Rachel Terry, Geoff Biehn, and Perry Clegg to be on the Bylaw committee. They will work on updating them and getting out to members before the pool opening.
  • Rachel to update the contract with Patty. Deb will get her a copy of the old one to work from.
  • Brad Salisbury to talk to Jeff Vanwagnon about researching the insurance to see if we can get the cost down. Deb will get the declaration sheets to Brad.
  • This year will be no limit on capacity or guests.
  • We cannot trade for the grounds maintenance fees but we can apply their annual fees toward the costs, and then when that is used up, they can get paid. For transparency, we will get 3 bids for the weekly maintenance costs.
  • Member cleanup on May 22, 9-11am. Members will be rewarded if they come and help. They can contact Heather if they need to come at a different time. Rachel to possibly look at adding a section in the bylaws about fining members if they do not participate.
  • Ideas for revenue/other activities:
    • Sell merchandise (hats, t-shirts, stickers). Advertise that it is to help pay for socials (or other items). Morgan Biehn to work on getting the items in stock. We will start with a very small amount to gauge interest
    • Corn hole
    • Rent equipment (tennis rackets, pickleball stuff, etc.)
  • We paid half of the survey for the retaining issue on the south side.
  • Railway ties between pink flags on south are falling. Tony will look at cost replacement.
  • Pool guys are working on an estimate for fixing/replacing the diving board.
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