Frequently Asked Questions
See the Rules page for the complete list of rules.

Who needs to have a guest pass to enter the pool or tennis courts?
Anyone NOT residing at the address from whom the membership is for.

Can a guest come without a member if they have permission from the member?
NO. A member must ALWAYS be present when a guest uses the pool or tennis courts.

If my guest doesn't get in the pool does he/she need a guest pass?
YES. There are many longtime members whose big toe has not even entered the water. They are there to enjoy the sun and the fun surroundings without entering the pool yet they bought a full membership and pay their summer dues each year.

Can guests check in using a members name?
NO. It is a federal offense to assume another person's identity.

Can guests who arrive early go into the pool area and wait for their member friends to arrive?
NO. They will need to wait outside until the members arrives, checks in and pays the guest fees or uses their guest passes.

At what age is a guest pass required?
3 years old and up.

How much is a guest pass?
$6 per guest pass or 10 for $55.

Is there a way for me to earn some guest passes?
YES! You can receive up to 10 guest passes per family by helping with the spring cleanup. And, if you serve on the NCSTC Board you can have 10 guest passes the year you serve.

Do guest passes i purchased, but did not use this year roll over to my next year's guest pass account?

When i want to purchase something at the snack bar, can i tell the person at the desk to "put it on my snack bar account" when there is no money in my snack bar account?
NO. We do not allow negative Snack Bar accounts.

My children are grown and I no longer use my membership. Can I give it to one of my children instead of selling?
YES! You may do a one-time "gift" of your membership to one of your children for their family to use. The $500 transfer fee will be waived and you may still come to the pool for free as their guest. Contact the membership board member to facilitate the transfer.
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